Forbidden Forward: The Justin Fashanu Story

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Forbidden Forward:

The Justin Fashanu Story

He was a man who’d conquered the toughest of odds. Abandoned as a child, Fashanu found solace in football and went on to become Britain’s first black million pound player. He was also the first professional footballer in the world to come out as gay, a move that earned him iconic repute. Handsome, witty and charismatic, the world was his for the taking.

But instead of a happy ending, Fashanu’s rags to riches story came crashing down in bizarre and tragic circumstances. On the run from police and hounded by the media that had once idolized him, the trailblazer died a lonely death in a dark, dirty lock up garage in east London. He was 37.

Meticulously researched and drawing upon exclusive interviews and previously unseen documents and photographs, NICK BAKER’S sensitive but brutally candid portrait charts the spectacular rise and fall of a sporting icon, revealing the truth behind his desperate suicide and naming those who affected his downfall.

The foreword is written by Robbie Rogers, the former Leeds United player who came out himself in early 2013. Robbie now plays for LA Galaxy and recently made history when became the first openly gay man to play in professional team sports in the United States.

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